How to start a TM?

"If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home." - James Michener


Travel ministry offers so many wonderful benefits and advantages. Through travel and shared vacation experiences such as Christian pilgrimages, missions, cruises, leisure vacations, and retreat getaways, faith communities become much more vibrant and grow closer together. If your church or organization doesn't yet have a travel ministry (or a very large one), consider these fifteen reasons to build or enrich one. 

1. Travel ministry deepens our faith in God. 
2. It builds fellowship and enlivens a community.
3. It creates a closer bond between church/organization leaders and members. 
4. It enables members to experience the Christian faith and sites firsthand. 
5. It makes Christian history, heritage, and culture come alive. 
6. It provides a Christian vacation option. 
7. It appeals to all ages including retirees, families, couples, singles, and youth. 
8. Christian travel offers outreach opportunities to inactive or nonmembers. 
9. It presents a chance to see the world and God's creation. 
10. It gives the opportunity to learn about world history, events, cultures, politics, and peoples. 

As Christian travel embraces so many of the initiatives set forth by our faith, Christian travel ministry is in many ways the zenith of all ministries.

How to build a thriving travel ministry?

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