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Changing lives and spreading the Gospel through travel


Should I become a group travel leader?

You can take your members to the Holy Land and  experience the Bible personally. You can lead  them to Europe where they can witness Christian  history firsthand. You can embark on a short-term  mission in South America and assist with housing  and medical needs while teaching the local  population about Jesus Christ.
Can that person be you?

Can I discover if travel ministry is my calling? 

The key word here is "passion." If you are  passionate about your Christian faith, travel, and  people, then you might be called to the ministry of  group travel planning or leadership.

What other attributes or characteristics should  a group travel planner or organizer have? 

A travel ministry leader should be someone  who (1) possesses attention to detail, (2) is  comfortable with promoting trips, (3) enjoys being  creative with travel ideas and activities, and (4) is  open to inviting others on an ongoing basis to join  the travel ministry or a particular trip. 

Once I take on the role of serving as a group travel  leader or organizer, what is expected of me? 

The best analogy is that you become the Pied  Piper. Your job is to educate and excite those  around you about the joys and benefits of  Christian travel while also encouraging their  participation in a group trip (or travel ministry in  general).You can accomplish this goal by giving  presentations, hosting travel shows, distributing  flyers, hanging up travel posters, sending e-mails,  being available for discussion and questions,

With all the work involved in organizing or  leading a trip, what is one of the perks you receive  as a group travel planner?

FREE TRAVEL.  That's right.  Faith in Travel  include  a free trip(s) for the group leader. Faith in Travel offers  special incentives for individuals who arrange  group trips.